About LuluBelle


LuluBelle sees felt as a fabric of infinity. From the silver wire she wove to make her first pieces of jewellery to the mass of carded wool she has adopted today, her unique creations are designed as moving works of art.

Her work echoes with the children’s tales she hoarded away from an earlier career as a librarian. A trip around the world brought her closer to nature, a passion she aims to convey. Lulubelle’s personal harvest of cultures, stories, techniques, light and colours combine to make her felt: a charming and mischievous tangle of events.

To achieve sheer felt muslin or a felt object moulded in the mass of wool, she tackles the material in its essence. She is fascinated by the alchemy of colours and fabrics and embellishes her merino wool with cotton, linen, hemp and bamboo fibres. Her clothes are seamless, transformable and their lines magically embrace all shapes and sizes.

Learning her trade through on-going conversations and exchanges with other artists she is committed to passing on the ancient techniques of wet felting by organising classes and workshops for others. A heritage she strives to perpetuate through the making of her thoroughly contemporary designs.


Carded merino wool is felted into a fabric without warp or weft using the ancient technique of wet felting by friction, moulding and “nuno” felting incorporating other natural materials and recycled textiles. Enmeshing colours and fabrics in the felt Lulubelle creates her own painter’s palette. Pieces are constructed using original templates. They are totally seamless without armholes or yokes. The studio offers exclusively one-off, original creations by Frédérique Boudon also known as LuluBelle.

LuluBelle loves to make custom orders, items specially created, so please feel free to send her a message at lulu@lulubelle.fr or contact her here.